An Overview of Online Casino Bonuses

Numerous bonus options are offered at numerous online casinos, and if you don’t know what they are, they can cause confusion, frustration, and misunderstandings. Here, we’ll try to give you a succinct explanation of the various bonus categories. Make sure you understand the playthrough requirements for any bonuses as well as which games are and are not permitted before trying to pay out any wins.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

First, please allow us to explain the playthrough or wagering requirements before we discuss the various bonus categories. Most of the conflicts or misunderstandings arise at this one particular point.

To withdraw money, you must first play through your deposit and bonus 20 times. You deposit $100 and are given a $100 bonus (these figures will change from casino to casino), giving you $200 to play with. Before you can consider taking any profits out of the game, you must gamble this $200 at least 20 times. This implies that you will have to wager $4000.

Casinos occasionally specify that you just need to play through your bonus a set number of times. In the aforementioned example, $100 must be wagered 20 times before it can be cashed out, thus you must place bets totaling at least $2000 to cash out.

Which games are permitted and which aren’t is another thing you need to be sure of. Most casinos will almost always exclude particular games from this playthrough. This means that even if you placed bets on blackjack for $10,000, for example, your overall playthrough remains at zero and you will not be able to withdraw any money. Additionally, you’ll discover that certain casinos will let you use a bonus to play blackjack with a greater playthrough requirement. When playing BlackJack only counts (let’s say) 50% toward the wagering requirements, that would be the situation.

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonus

This is the most typical kind of bonus. To receive it, the player must make a minimal deposit. Additionally, this offer is available only to new players and is only valid once. The bonus will increase your deposit by 150% to 200%. Additionally, only certain games are eligible for the bonus.

No-deposit Bonus

The player doesn’t need to make a deposit to use this bonus. However, no payout is possible without fulfilling some requirements. The benefit of this offer is that it allows players to test out a new casino without risking any of their own money.

A match bonus

The casino will make an effort to match the player’s deposit in full. The mechanism is comparable to the welcome/deposit bonus. The gamer will, however, only be compensated financially for this incentive. Most casinos provide match bonuses at a rate of between 100% and 200%. Only one claim per account registration is permitted by the gamer. On rare situations, there are exceptions, though.

Free spins

This bonus is only available when playing slots. The bonus lets players play the slots for free, as the name would imply. The number of free spins the player will get is set. With these free spins, you can play the game, and any winnings are redeemable for cash.


Like a rebate, the cashback bonus operates. A certain amount will be credited to the player’s account once they make a deposit depending on a cashback rate. The player’s account will be updated with the credited funds. There is no cap on the highest payout, and the typical cashback rate is roughly 1%.

VIP or loyalty bonus

This offer is only available to registered players with high priority in the casino. High rollers are often the only people who can join, and invitations are required. The benefit may come in a variety of ways, including boosted cashback, match bonuses, and more. Additionally, the incentive can grant gamers access to exclusive giveaways and vacation packages.

Referral bonus

The bonus is a marketing gimmick used to attract additional clients. Every player is assigned a special ID or referral link. The player receives successful referrals when others sign up using the ID or the link. Each referral will result in a financial reward being credited to the player’s account.